Pakistan’s constant provocation – Should India reassess the rules of the engagement?

The brutal killing and mutilation of two Indian soldiers by Pakistani troops on Indian soil has made the country ponder about the diplomatic strategy deployed by the Indian Government.


The wife of Lance Naik Hemraj Singh, who was killed and beheaded by Pakistani troops on January 8, along with her family and other villagers, is on a hunger strike until the Government of India hands over his decapitated head to the family. Over 200 people of Sherpur, in Mathura are protesting at the cremation ground to get their demand heard. One can understand if the Government of India dissuades anti Pakistan voices to preserve the (so called, perceived) progress they have achieved due to the ongoing ‘Aman Ki Aasha’ initiative. But what stops it from demanding the decapitated head of the Indian soldier Lance Naik Hemraj Singh from Pakistan?

Islamabad’s Power centers have made constant mockery of the ‘Aman ki Aasha’ campaign so enthusiastically started by the peace hopefuls on either side of the border by sponsoring thousands of terror acts against the Indian state including the Kargil war, attack on Parliament, bomb blasts in various Indian cities and the 26/11 massacre in Mumbai. The shedding of Indian blood has become an addictive obsession to the Pakistan Establishment. It seems the positions of power in Pakistan can be attained and retained only by exhibiting the ability to cause grief across the borders.

On the other hand the Indian establishment has acted as if it is obliged to seek the normalisation of relations through uninterrupted political, social and business engagement at any cost. Except 26/11 the Indian Government hasn’t shown any serious resolve to oppose the Pakistani support and sponsorships to terror activities against India. It won’t be completely untrue if one said that the victim is embarrassed by the brazenness and audacity of the perpetrators of crimes against itself.


Those who believe blindly that Pakistani Establishment will somehow have a change of heart and would be sympathetic to the woes of India may be hallucinating. It is time to reassess our strategy vis-à-vis Pakistan.

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