Navratri Festival 2012 & Durga Puja – Nine Divine Nights

navratri-2JAI MATADI! The Navratri festival is celebrated to mark the expression of Goddess Durga in the form of Shakti (energy). It’s a joyous way of worshipping Goddess Durga and is celebrated all over India and across the world by Indians with great pomp and show. The Navaratri festival will be celebrated from 16th to 24th October 2012 this year.

The word Navaratri basically indicates nine nights in Sanskrit.  The festival is celebrated for nine nights every year during the month of September or October as per the Hindu calendar. There are many legends attached to this festival and all of them are related to Goddess Shakti (Hindu Mother Goddess) and her various forms. Navratri is divided into three-day sets, each devoted to a different aspect of the supreme goddess.

  1. The first three days are devoted to Goddess Durga (Warrior Goddess to destroy all our vices, impurities, and defects) dresses in red and mounted on a lion.
  2. The next three days set is devoted to Goddess Lakshmi (the giver of spiritual and material wealth) dressed in gold and mounted on an owl.
  3. The last 3 days set is devoted to Goddess Saraswati (the goddess of wisdom) dressed in milky white and mounted on a pure white swan.

In some communities people go through rigorous fasts during this season that lasts for the nine days of the festival, only to be opened on the tenth day of Dussehra. Traditionally, Navratri was celebrated by Hindu women only, in the honor of goddess Amba/Durga.  Goddess Durga is believed to be a Shakti, originating from Lord Sankara.

During this colorful event of Navratri, young men and women dance around an earthen lamp, representing Goddess Durga, kept in a decorated mud jar called Garba, singing songs accompanied by the rhythmic clapping of hands – an expression of gratitude towards Goddess Durga for saving the world from the atrocities of the Mahishasur (demon). Also people celebrate Navaratri by performing Garba and Gujrati form of dance. Most cities would organise a Garba night where thousands of men, women and kids assemble to perform Garba.

The tenth day of Navratri is also known as Vijayadashami and is observed as a National holiday and on this day, the end of festivity of Durga Puja is marked through an immersion ceremony of the idols of Goddess Durga in the nearest tanks or rivers followed by a grand music procession. Vijayadashami marks the end of all adverse effects (negativity) from the world establishing serenity and prosperity on earth. Thus, the festival come to a happy ending giving the message of virtue and goodness. As a result, people forget their differences and wish each other joy and peace.

Dussehra for the rest of India commemorates the slaying of Ravana by Lord Rama and the return of peace after a period of anarchy. This is signified by burning an effigy of Ravana to celebrate the victory of good (Rama) over evil. In burning the effigies the people are reminded to get rid of all wicked activities by burning the evil within them, and thus adhere to the path of truth and goodness, bearing in mind the instance of Ravana, who despite all his might and majesty was destroyed for his evil ways. Thus this day is considered as the most auspicious day all over India and it’s a time-honored perception that if any new venture is started on this day, it is bound to be successful & effective. Hence, all the undertakings be it laying-in of foundation of a new building, opening of a new commercial establishment or even initiating a child into the world of learning – are started on this day. The implements of agriculture, manufacturer’s machines, the intellectual pens, the household articles, books are also placed before the idol of Durga and worshipped on this day.

Navratri Messages for you this 2012 -

As the holy occasion of Navratri is here and the atmosphere is filled with the spirit of mirth and love, here’s hoping this festival bring joy, health and wealth to you. May this Navratri brighten up you and your near and dear ones lives!

Maa Durge,
Maa Ambe,
Maa Jagdambe,
Maa Bhawani,
Maa Sheetla,
Maa Vaishnao,
Maa Chandi,
Mata Rani meri aur apki manokamna puri karey..

This Navratri, may you be blessed with good fortune as long as Ganeshji’s trunk, wealth and prosperity as big as his stomach, happiness as sweet as his ladoos and may your trouble be as small as his mouse. Happy Navratri!

Long live the tradition of Hindu culture and as the generations have passed by Hindu culture is getting stronger and stronger lets keep it up. Best Wishes for Navratri

“Maa ki jyoti se prem milta hai, sabke dilo ko marm milta hai, jo bhi jata hai MAA ke dwar , kuch na kuch jarur milta hai. ” SHUBH NAVRATRI.

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