How to Neutralize Anger?

What is Anger?

An obstacle, while trying to satisfy a need, can cause irritation resulting in anger. When trying to break free from the obstacle the required force becomes anger. When one cannot let out his anger it becomes a worry. On the other hand when anger gets stored it leads to vengeance.

Anger becoming a behavioural pattern

Getting angry regularly is equal to an attempt to kill oneself. Frequent rage may become an unwanted habit. The anger which is the effect of a cause may develop into a unnecessary behavioural pattern. Though we regret the anger it is possible that it may reoccur.

There is a saying in India  – “The hand that smites the earth unfailing feels the sting; So perish they who nurse their wrath as noble thing”.

A person has been angry many times without any benefits. Anger is a destructive force which destroys individuals, society and countries. One should remember the impact of wars on countries. A person with habitual anger and self pity can never think about spiritualism.

Training to neutralize anger

1. Start the day by meditating for about 15 minutes in a peaceful atmosphere.
2. Then prepare a list of people whom you are angry at. List the priorities & frequencies.

It is certain that the top in the list might be closely related to you. If married the first name might be the name of wife, are the husband’s list and the name of husband in the wife’s list and then, sons, daughters, parents, officials, brothers, sisters, friends, teachers and others. The list may not have more than 10 to 15 names.

Select these names one by one and ask yourself the following questions.

  • What is my relationship with that person?
  • What is the reason for my anger?
  • What is my role in that situation?
  • Have you been angry with the person

Research into these questions with all the names in the list. Find out the reasons and expunge them. Take a vow not to get angry again with the person again. Spend a week with one name in meditation. For second week with the second name. Thus you can neutralize your anger with anybody.

Effects of controlling anger

Neutralizing anger is different from controlling the anger. When a person tries to control his anger it may multiply and become a bigger problem. This will impact the person’s health and his family life. These people who control their anger are far more affected than the ones who try to neutralize it.

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