Five principles of life

In order to lead a peaceful, hassle free and organized life, it is very important to follow five basic principles. These principles can be explained as follows :

1) The first principle in our life shall be Fulfillment of Duties. We must always be completely involved in our ventures and try not to interfere in other people’s endeavors. Whoever guarantees to guide others does not know his own path. Hence, we shall mind our own business.

2) The second principle is Honesty in Life. ” Do only what you speak and speak only what you do” is the main mantra of this principle. Honesty is the essence for winning trust and faith of our fellow beings. It also rescues us from various evils like deception and delusion.

3) An Appropriate Allocation of Earnings shall be the third principle of our life. The more we earn, the more we need to spend prudently.

4) The fourth principle is Generosity. It is directly related to the third principle as both go hand in hand.

5) The last important principle shall be Self Control.

The above five principles form a source of light and lead us towards salvation from our bonds. Initially their adherence might seem difficult but determination and practice make them simple and easy to follow.

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