Ego – the root cause of most conflicts and fights

The ego constantly strives to have people believe they are not responsible for their own actions but are rather a victim of circumstance or of the state of the world in general. Such a person might blame family, friends, politicians, people they work with, work bosses, or simply ascribe negative effects to such non-existent notions as “bad luck”, “fortune” or “chance”. In fact absolutely anyone and everyone they can associate with a situation which was ultimately caused by their own personal actions will be blamed rather than blaming the true cause; themselves.

It is always much easier for people to blame everything and everyone else rather than having to face up to everything themselves, thereby taking full responsibility for their own thoughts and actions. Whenever anything adverse happens the immediate reaction of many is usually focussed towards looking for scapegoats rather than looking inwards towards self for the real cause of the corresponding effect. Some people are so much under the control of their own ego that they really are absolutely convinced  that they are always right and everyone else,  indeed the rest of the Universe must always be completely wrong; a level of ego which can have most detrimental consequences indeed for such an individual.

The ego constantly strives to be always right, always superior, never wrong and never inferior. It constantly seeks self-importance, power and superiority over others, often at any cost, and regardless of who they are affecting or hurting at the same time

If we judge others then we equally judge ourselves. Acceptance is a most important aspect of life, acceptance of everyone for what they really are and what they represent, and most importantly as an equal expression of God, The Source, The First Cause of Whom we are all equal aspects.

Accepting and taking full responsibility for all such situations is empowering, and those who can achieve this will have considerably more control over every aspect of their own lives, will be in conscious control of creating their own reality, and as a direct result experience a much happier, more peaceful and harmonious life.

The basis of ego is to consider ourselves more important than others and be ready all the time to battle proving it. Considering ourselves important and trying to prove it is extremely unwise. This attitude tells upon our health by stressing us all the time. An effort to prove such thing itself shows that we are assessing ourselves higher than what we actually are. Our thought should be,” If there is anybody who is worth giving importance to, is no other than the Creater”. Some call Him God. And does He ever do anything to prove that?No, NEVER  is the answer. When the most important power of this entire creation is not trying to prove Himself, why should we try to consider ourselves more important than others and keep fighting with them to be recognized? There are millions of people out there like us.

Ego can be removed, if we try to understand the situation, recognize and accept the problem. However, only recognizing and accepting the ego is not enough. As you know the fact that, light removes darkness. However even light may be there, if you keep your eyes closed, you will not be able to see anything! Light will not be able to help you. What is required is to opening of the eyes.. We have to adopt same kind of attitude towards ego, to get rid of it. Then we will be able to create an atmosphere of love and peace, friendship and unity everywhere around us.

Akhand Jyoti – March 1979 Page 29

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