Delhi Police Books General V.K. Singh and Baba Ramdev for Rioting

The system has once again showcased their indifference and insensitivity towards the rights of the common man. Delhi Police has booked the former Army Chief Gen. V.K. Singh and Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev for rioting and destruction of property.

baba ramdev & vk singh

General VK Singh and Baba Ramdev had joined protesters at Jantar Mantar on Sunday. After a brief speech, Baba Ramdev and Gen VK with Singh and others started marching towards India Gate but they were stopped by police. When these protesters were prevented from marching towards India Gate to join the rest of the protesters, they started breaking the Delhi Police barricades. Following this Delhi police used force and 2 people were injured in the event.

And today both Baba Ramdev and Gen VK Singh have been booked by the Delhi Police for inciting mob and provoking crowd at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi yesterday.

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