Courage and Compassion

Once the army of courageous and powerful Chatrapati Shivaji attacked a small kingdom of Ballari situated in southern India. The soldiers of Ballari fought bravely but eventually got defeated being lesser in number and strength. More than half of the battalion was killed in the battle and those who remained alive were taken prisoner. Amongst the few who were alive was Ballari’s ruler, Queen Malbai. Shivaji had ordered to bring the queen with the most of respect and honor. Queen Malbai didn’t consider herself worthy of this honor and found it offensive. Hence, when produced before the court of Shivaji, she requested him to announce a death sentence for her as was mandatory to be given to a conquered enemy.

Hearing this Shivaji stepped down from his throne and touched the Queen’s feet. He said, ”Your Highness, I cannot insult a brave and courageous woman like you. You remind me of my mother Jijabai and from now onwards may I consider you as my mother!” The Queen’s eyes filled with tears of love and compassion for Shivaji. She blessed him and said, ”Whatever I had heard about you is quite true. You undoubtedly are capable of taking care of your religion and country.”

The above excerpt teaches us the following:

  1. A true warrior doesn’t hesitate in acknowledging and praising even his enemy’s courage and mettle.
  2. A courageous warrior shall not expect mercy from anyone.
  3. Honest and true intentions can even make the worst of enemies the best of friends.

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